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arthvrvandelay Olmsted jams....know what i mean.
Captain Beyond
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Captain Beyond Like a lumbering Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound filtered through hemp rolling papers & patchouli from the Canyon Country Store. It's where the creatures meet. Favorite track: Drag.
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bambam 27 seconds into Trials, will restore your faith in rock music. Favorite track: Trials.
Christopher Lange
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Christopher Lange Super psychedelic and fuzzy! Mesmerizing vocals that put you into a trance and riffs written with advanced alien technology! Favorite track: Trials.
Bucky thumbnail
Bucky Wow! Intensely mesmerizing psychedelic rock with a plethora of heavy distorted fuzz! Haven't heard a short demo this promising since King Buffalo last fall. Favorite track: Drag.
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Recorded live 04/05/2014 by Steve Schroeder


released April 14, 2014

Thomas James Lemieux
Daniel Lee Quintana
Matthew William Kelley



all rights reserved


CHILD Los Angeles, California

3 piece from Los Angeles formed in 2014. "Burnt bangers from the shit end of the valley."

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Track Name: Drag
old woman, you seed what i've sewn,..
you hide in a past life & sing swing low..
may be an angel, may be a ghost..
just protect me woman & keep me close..

drag on the new world
our lights never glow
they flicker with thunder
and darken our homes

i dont mean to haunt you
my lifes in these walls
im dead in the dirt here
i moan, i call
for my pretty baby
she seeds what i sew
hides in a past life & sings swing low

so drag on the new world
our lights never glow
just flicker with thunder
& darken our homes
Track Name: Trials
Through all my trials
my friends in tow
if we keep our heads
we're not alone
yr not alone
yr not alone

we know the price, of light, my lord
through death and worry
it's not untold
but yr not alone
yr not alone
Track Name: Shiver
oh wicked lady with yr hair all a mess
i lay beside with a hole in my chest
i don't want to be nobody elses wreck
oh wicked lady won't you pass by (instead)

yr walls will crumble
yr walls will shake
don't want no trouble
i can tell by the way
i've been waiting on yr
last mistake
oh wicked lady won't you pass by
Track Name: Become
Keep in mind
you will know
the same old place
that you could not show

down the line
will set you free
same old place that you wanted
to be